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    Why Advertise with MACCA-Central.com ?
    By advertising at MACCA-Central your product or service will get immediate exposure to thousands of fans who visit daily. These fans are of a favourable demographic and return to this site over and over again. MACCA-Central first went online in 1997 and since then has grown in the most popular McCartney fansite on the web. It is highly rated by all search engines. For example Google search for "Paul McCartney" click here returns over 16 million sites!

    Out of all these sites MACCA-Central is #3 just under Paul's official sites. Over 150,000+ unique visitors monthly, generate millions of hits on the site. When they come they stay a while and enjoy the features on the site. The demographics of the McCartney/Beatle fan is all over the board from teenagers to mature adults. If you are interested in MACCAcentral's Banner Advertising please email me info@maccaradio.comfor more details.

    OK I want to advertise, now what? 
    Once your ad package and rates have been worked out, you can use either of two payment methods below:

    You can send a cheque or money order directly to:
      Mike Kovacich 
      610 Elm Street 
      Port Colborne, Ontario, L3K 4P6 Canada
      Be sure to cover postage to Canada
    Send a secure payment via PayPal
    Visa, MasterCard or eCheck
    You can also email me if you have some equipment you may wish to donate. Any DJ or radio gear, computer, RAM, monitor, etc. in decent working order would be acceptable.

    What Type of Ads? 

        All advertising rates are in US funds.     This is still under construction !
      Banner Ad 1: Inclusive - A banner ad at bottom of every page @ MACCA-Central.
      Banner Ad 2: Strategic - A banner ad on strategic areas of MACCA-Central such as the News, Forums, Guestbook, Song search, Jukebox.
      Banner Ad 3: A banner in MACCAradio player window and MACCAradio.com page. This is free with any a radio ad campaign great than $500 monthly.
      MACCAradio Ad 1: $4 per 30 second radio spot

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