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Run Devil Run

    Artist: Paul McCartney
Title: Run Devil Run
Orignal Release: October 5, 1999
Label: EMI
Producer: Chris Thomas & Paul McCartney
Engineer: Geoff Emerick and Paul Hicks

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Album Notes for: Run Devil Run

Paul McCartney with help from:
Pink Floyd's David Gilmour (guitar),
Deep Purple's Ian Paice (drums),
Mick Green of The Pirates (guitar),
Pete Wingfield on keyboards.

Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London, March 1st - May 5th 1999 Mick Green courtesy of BMA Records Thanks to: John Hammel, Keith Smith, Eddie Klein, Robby Montgomery, Alan Crowder, Lilian Marshall, Roger Huggett, Norman Hathaway, Alen Toroyan, Bill Porricellie, Jamie Krikham. Cover photos Dave Fine Paul photox Richard Haughton Young Paul photo © Mike McCartney Session photos John Hammel Products photo Mike Owen Instrument photos Phillip Gallard Drawings © Klaus Voorman (www.klaus-voorman.com) and Aleen Toroyan Design Norman Hathaway

Order it NOW ! Run Devil Run Party Interview

IT'S JUST ROCK 'N' ROLL The sound of Run Devil Run is the rock 'n' roll that boomed across every fairground you went to as a kid. The smell of the candyfloss and fried onions, toasting out over the teenage night. And the feel is the bright bekoning that every teenager dreams of. Run Devil Run is the sound of the past and the promise of the future. It is Paul McCartney looking forward by leaning back. This is the music that inspired him as a teenager, that made him pick up a guitar.

Rock 'n' roll is edging up to its first half century; nearly 50 years since a young truck driver sauntered into Sun Studios in Memphis and unleashed a revolution. Like millions of other starstruck teenagers, when he first heard Elvis, opportunity rocked for James Paul McCartney of Allerton, Liverpool.

The memory of that first seismic shockwave has always stayed with him. Take a moment ot flick back through those early Beatle records - and along with the hundreds of familiar Lennon & McCartney compositions, just check those other composer credits: Carl Perkins, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Larry Williams, Little Richard … No wonder Bob Dylan honoured The Beatles for reminding Americans of their rock 'n' roll heritage, by calling his landmark 1965 album Bringing It All Back Home.

So in March 199 Paul hand-picked a small band and repaired in Studio2, Abbey Road. In a week, working flat out, Paul McCartney (bass, guitar, vocals) - accompanied by David Gilmour (guitar), Mick Green (guitar), Ian Paice (drums), Pete Wingfield (keyboards) Dave Mattacks (drums) and Geraint Watkins (keyboard) - recreated that golden age of rock 'n' roll.

"The week before, Ian asked co-producer Chris Thomas 'Any idea what songs we're going to do, just so I can do a bit of homework?' I said no: 'No homework on this project. I rally wanted this to be fresh - like it was at the Cavern."

I had a big manilla envelope with all the lyrics, and I'd flick though them on a Monday morning … Ricky Nelson, mm… Searchin … and then I'd think that's it, that's the spirit I want, and I'd pull it out. I'd say to the guys ' Anybody know She Said Yeah?' They'd say no, because they were slightly obscure choices, I'd say okay, this is how it goes. We'd take five or 10 minutes - and that's how we did it in The Beatles - because how many times can you go through a song without everyone getting bored?"

"We'd spend 15, 20 minutes top whack, and everyone'd go yeah, got it. Then we'd go to our instruments, I'd go to bass and singing, and we'd just try it. It's a bit ropey at first; second take it gets better, We'd do a couple of takes and say okay, that's it. Then we'd leave it, not even listen to it. Yeah right; next song… and I'd go back to my envelope. 'Anone know No Other Baby?' No, right, here's how it goes… and as we were doing it, I ghought God, I haven't done this since I was 24. And I got the same feeling back."

Paul McCartney's raucous 15-track album features guest appearances by Pink Floyd's David Gilmour and Deep Purple's Ian Paice.

Run Devil Run is Paul McCartney's anthology of some of his and Linda's favorite rock & roll.

Alongside classic rockers are three new McCartney originals - including the sweat-making title track.

Mirroring the hectic rate of the songs, Run Devil Run was recorded at Abbey Road Studio 2 in only one week, just like the early Beatles did it.

"At the early recording sessions of the Beatles, we worked in a very specific way - recording two songs in the morning and two more after lunch. I have a professional nostalgia for that way of recording and I wanted to see if we could do that with this album," says Paul.

Run Devil Run Webcast


Paul McCartney is ready to rock again. Two and a half years since his last album, Paul is back - with a loud new collection of the devil's music.

Returning to the rawness of his roots, Paul McCartney is reprising the energised spirit and attitude of his earliest days in the music business with a 15-track album of thrash rock & roll.

The new album - Run Devil Run - marks the first time in more than 10 years that Paul has recorded so raucously. Not since his famed 'Russian Album' of 1988 has Mac got back to sing like this.

'Run Devil Run' is Paul McCartney's anthology of some of his favourite rock & roll, primarily covered by Paul and a hand-picked band at Mach III speed. Alongside classic rockers are three new McCartney originals - including the sweat-making title track.

Mirroring the hectic rate of the songs, 'Run Devil Run' was recorded at Abbey Road Studio Two in just one week, just like The Beatles did.

'At the early recording sessions of The Beatles we worked in a very specific way - recording two songs in the morning and two more after lunch. I have a professional nostalgia for that way of recording and I wanted to see if we could do that with this album' said Paul.

'And we did - there was no time for thinking; thinking was outlawed for the week. With rock & roll you just do it and by the end of five days we'd recorded all these songs. What you hear on this album is what happened in that week'.

With Paul predominantly sticking to lead vocal and his Hofner bass, he's backed on the album by a core band of Dave Gilmour and Mick Green on guitars, Ian Paice on drums and Pete Wingfield on piano. Together they revive the rebel yells of Chuck Berry, Gene Vincent, Carl Perkins and early Elvis to rock out the century.

Said Paul: 'This album is something I've wanted to do for years. Some people may think I've gone all classical now, maybe this will tell them that's not the case. I still love my rock & roll'.

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