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Standing Stone

    Artist: Paul McCartney
Title: Standing Stone
Orignal Release: September 23, 1997
Label: EMI Classics
Catalog #: 7243 5 56484 2
Producer: John Fraser
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Album Notes for: Standing Stone

Conducted By: Lawrence Foster

London Symphony Orchestra
London Symphony Chorus

Movement I - After Heavy Light Years (16:37)
    1. Fire/Rain 
    2. Cell Growth 
    3. 'Human' Theme 
Movement II - He Awoke Startled (16:12)
    4. Meditation 
    5. Crystal Ship 
    6. Sea Voyage 
    7. Lost at Sea 
    8. Release 
Movement III - Subtle Colours Merged Soft Contours (22:52)
    9.   Safe Haven/Standing Stone 
    10. Peaceful Movement 
    11. Messenger 
    12. Lament 
    13. Trance 
    14. Eclipse 
Movement IV - Strings Pluck, Horns Blow, Drums Beat (19:05)
    15. Glory Tales 
    16. Fugal Celebration
    17. Rustic Dance 
    18. Love Duet 
    19. Celebration 
All material is presented soley for the purpose of promoting Paul McCartney and his music. No copyright violation is intended or encouraged.
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