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Venus and Mars

    Artist: Wings
Title: Venus and Mars
Orignal Release: 30th May 1975 (UK), 27th May 1975 (USA)
Reissue: 1993
Label: Parlophone / EMI
Catalog #: CDP 7 89241 2
Producer: Paul McCartney
Engineer: Alan O'Duffy & Geoff Emerick

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Paul McCartney
"I'm not into being remembered" Paul McCartney claimed in between rehearsing "Magneto and Titanium Man" and "Lady Madona". "It's getting it right now that I'm interested in".
Getting it over the past twelve months has involved winning a Grammy for the best group performances of the year (Band on the Run), rercording a single in Nashville that extended America's longest string of consecutive top ten hits to seven (Junior's Farm), travelling to New Orleans to record an album with prerelease orders of one and a half million, (Venus and Mars) and assebling an incarnation of Wings with which he feels he can tour the world.
"The Sgt. Pepper time was the happiest period in my life for a long while", McCartney explained while Denny Laine sange country songs in the derelict Ealing Cinema turned rehearsal hall. "But it happens again now. New Orleans was the most recent high point. I think we made a good record."
His confidence in his musicians is reflected in his willingness to drop his top billing and let the group stand on its own as Wings. "Paul McCartney and Wings is an embarrassment to me" he admitted. "It was never Paul McCartney and the Beatles, Paul McCartney and the Quarrymen, or Paul McCartney and the Moondogs. Wings is quicker and easier to say and everybody knows I'm in the group anyway"
Indeed they do. The Beatles had scored more number one singles in both America and Britain than any other act before or since. When they broke up their every move was analyzed by a worried world. All were able to continue surprisingly separate careers and when Charlie Gillett recently tabulated every BBC top twenty entry in history he found that the man who had written more of them than any one else was Paul McCartney.
McCartney was born in Liverpool on June 18th, 1942 and it was there that his father cultivated his interest in music. "I'm pleased my dad is proud" Paul smiled. "He has a lot to do with my being musical. He was always playing piano when I was a kid, and he taught me harmony. We would listen to the radio and he would ask me if I could hear the bass line, 'the low one' ".
Brother Mike changed his professioanl name to Mike McGear to avoid sibling rivalry and pursued his career in comedy. The two lads came together again in 1974 when, at the suggestion of George Harrison, Paul produced Mike's solo album at 10 c.c.'s Strawberry Studios. "We drove from Stockport to Liverpool every day, two hourss both way," sighed Paul.
Although the Cavern Club, where the Beatles won the attention of the pop business, has been sacrificed for Liverpool's new underground train service, Paul returns there frequently to see his family. He also is pleased to be on good terms with his boyhood friends, the former Beatles. "It's all cool now that the legal mess has been fixed" Paul said happily.
McArtney returned to rehearse with Wings selectionsfrom that reetoire of composing credits. His historic sales statistics seemed almost meaningless as numbers from every phase of his career blended into each other: "Band on the Run", the title of 1974's best selling album in the world; "Maybe I'm Amazed", his first solo; "Live and Let Die", his James Bond Film theme; "My Love", Wings' first American success number one, and "Heay Jude", the Beatle biggest hit. It is songs such as these Wings will play when they bring their "Rock Show" to your town.

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