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Archived links and pages - MACCA-Central, The Paul McCartney FUNsite
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Archive of Articles

This is a page of some older articles and link releated to Paul McCartney used on the site. Some are links to various news and magazines with the actual articles, some are articles copied onto this website. All material belongs to original copyright holders this site is for entertainment purposes only, non of the materials on this site can be re-used or sold. If you come across any other worth articles on the net let me know by emailing me. Some things here are repeated in the MACCANews page

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  • Give My Regard To Broadstreet C-64 game 

    Standing Stone Articles:
    FLAMING PIE Reviews:  
    ANTHOLOGY Reviews etc: Entertainment Weekly - Beatles FAQ
    Entertainment Weekly - Five Myths Exploded

    July 17, 1997 STANDING STONE UPDATE Richard Porter (London Beatles Fanclub) reports - Tickets for Standing Stone performance at Albert Hall layout Oct.14th go on sale  on Friday 25th July at 10am - both at the Albert Hall and by credit card. Paul will be performing at the Standing Stone show - he will accompanied by the Brodsky Quartet on a few songs. 2 other Macca pieces will be performed too - another new piece called 'Spiral' and 'A Leaf' which was performed at the St James's Palace concert a while ago.
    July 5, 1997 article in The Irish Times

    June 27, 1997
    Paul Plays Live on Chris Evans Show in the UK. As reported by Lynn Douet on MACCA-Chat and in MACCA-L "Paul was on the TFI Friday TV show here and it was brilliant!  The show (1 hour long) was mostly Paul ... great interview, not the normal stuff at all, all sorts of messing around with Chris Evans, and then he played LIVE!  Flaming Pie and Young Boy. On Flaming Pie, he sat at the piano and sang, and behind him were three large TV screens - one with Paul playing drums, one with Paul playing bass and one with Paul playing guitar!  Same sort of thing for Young Boy, but he stood playing the guitar and singing.  Chris Evans, the presenter, said he had recorded the backing and video especially - he was wonderful and sang well.  Looks like he's had his hair changed a bit as well - it looked more Beatle-ish." Was a busy night for Lynn since she also had a ticket to see Ravi Shankar at The Barbican in London. "I sat exactly two rows behind George Harrison and about two seats to his right - so I was able to gaze at George all night!"

    June 27, 1997
    This from Colin Barratt "Paul was on for around 35 minutes. He answered lots of questions - some faxed in from famous celebs (e.g. Bono) One was faxed from Ringo "Paul. Who was your favourite Beatle?" Paul answered that he "loved them all equally." He then went on to perform two songs "Flaming Pie" and "Young Boy". His backing musicians were himself on 3 monitors.

      On Flaming Pie, while he played the multi-coloured piano which he played in the FITD tour, the monitors showed Paul playing
        1) left monitor - Lead guitar (Sunburst Les Paul)
        2) middle monitor Drums
        3) Right Monitor - Hofner bass
      On Young Boy Paul changed to accoustic guitar and from left to right
        1) Epiphone semi-accoustic guitar
        2) Drums
        3) Bass (sorry I don't know the make)
      After the two songs Paul and Chris Evans (the host) walked briskly through the audience and out to a waiting speedboat on the Thames. As they moved away from the quayside Paul shouted "As fast as you like!!" and away they went.....!!!! He was incredible!!! He looked terrific. Seemed happy and joked freely. Occasionally there are benefits to living on this side of the Atlantic!!!
    June 14 1997 NEW!!!!   MACCA-Chat  now online, it's a private chat server under test put on by yours truly MACCANADA, sponsors are needed to keep it alive so let me know. You need a java enabled browser such as Netscape 3.0 or greater or Internet Explorer 3.02 or greater, or any IRC compatible software.

    The World Tonight backwards message is ANSWERED HERE!

    MACCA fans near Winnepeg, CANADA - There will be a Flaming Pie CD Release Party and it will take place at the King's Head Pub, King Street, Winnipeg at 7:00pm, Wednesday, May 28. There will be some CD's and posters as give-aways, contact by email ckraemer@callisto.uwinnepeg.ca

    The so-called Lost McCartney/Lennon 1974 Session Tapes that Paul eluded to in the Townhall Meeting is apparently not so lost after all a German website has real

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