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MACCA-Concerts: George Harrison Tribute :: London, UK  2002-11-29 @Royal Albert Hall - MACCA-Central, The Paul McCartney FUNsite
George Harrison Tribute
Fri Nov 29 2002
London, UK
@ Royal Albert Hall

George Harrison Tribute
Band Members
Dhani Harrison Paul McCartney Ringo Starr Eric Clapton Tom Petty Jeff Lynne Jools Holland Billy Preston Joe Brown Gary Brooker

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    I Want To Tell You  - (vocals: Jeff Lynne)
    If I Needed Someone  - (vocals: Eric Clapton/Jeff Lynne)
    Old Brown Shoe - (vocals: Gary Brooker/Eric Clapton)
    Give Me Love - (vocals: Jeff Lynne)
    Beware of Darkness - (vocals: Eric Clapton)
    Here Comes The Sun - (vocals: Joe Brown)
    Thats the Way it Goes - (vocals: Joe Brown)
    Horse to the Water - (vocals: Sam Brown, Jools Holland piano)
    Taxman - (vocals: Tom Petty)
    I Need You - (vocals: Tom Petty)
    Handle With Care - (vocals: Tom Petty/Jeff Lynne)
    Isnt It A Pity - (vocals: Eric Clapton/Billy Preston)
    Photograph - (vocals: Ringo)
    Honey Don't - (vocals: Ringo)
    For You Blue - (vocals: Paul McCartney)
    Something - (vocals: Paul McCartney)
    All Things Must Pass - (vocals: Paul McCartney/Jeff Lynne)
    While My Guitar Gently Weeps - (vocals: Eric Clapton)
    My Sweet Lord - (vocals: Billy Preston)
    Wah Wah - (vocals: Jeff Lynne/EricClapton)
    See You in My Dreams (vocals: Joe Brown & on ukelele)

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