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MACCA-Concerts: `US` Tour :: Houston, USA  2005-11-19 @Toyota Center - MACCA-Central, The Paul McCartney FUNsite
`US` Tour
Sat Nov 19 2005
Houston, Texas USA
@ Toyota Center

`US` Tour
Band Members
Paul McCartney
Rusty Anderson
Brian Ray
Paul "Wix" Wickens
Abe Laboriel Jr.

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Miami Tour Opener


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    Please note this may not be the exact setlist for this Houston concert. This list of songs is what has been played previously on this tour.

    Pre-show: Freelance Hellraiser (as seen on the right) is the pre-show DJ playing tracks from "Twin Freaks" and a few extras that eventually blends into a 10 minute film by Mark Haefeli that highlights Paul's entire life from childhood right through to this year's Live 8 performance.

    The film climaxes with the start of the stage show by Paul and the band.

    SETLIST of SongsPaul
    Paul "Wix"
    Laboriel Jr.
    1 -
    Magical Mystery Tour Magical Mystery Tour, 1967Hofnerguitarguitarkeyboardsdrums
    2 -
    Flaming Pie Flaming Pie, 1997Hofnerguitarguitarkeyboardsdrums
    3 -
    Jet Band On The Run, 1974Hofnerguitarguitarkeyboardsdrums
    4 -
    I'll Get You The Beatles Second Album, 1964Les Paulguitarbassharmonicadrums
    5 -
    Drive My Car Yesterday And Today, 1965Hofnerguitarguitarkeyboardsdrums
    6 -
    Till There Was You Meet The Beatles, 1963Hofnerguitarguitarkeyboardsdrums
    7 -
    Let Me Roll It (Foxy Lady jam) Band On The Run, 1974Les Paulguitarbasskeyboardsdrums
    8 -
    Got to Get You In My Life Revolver, 1966Hofnerguitarguitarkeyboardsdrums
    9 -
    Fine Line Chaos & Creation In The Back Yard, 2005pianoguitarbasskeyboardsdrums
    10 -
    Maybe I'm Amazed McCartney, 1970pianoguitarbasskeyboardsdrums
    11 -
    Long and Winding Road Let It Be, 1970pianoguitarbasskeyboardsdrums
    12 -
    In Spite Of All The Danger Quarry Men, 1958acoustic
    13 -
    I Will The White Album, 1968acoustic
    14 -
    Jenny Wren Chaos & Creation In The Back Yard, 2005acoustic acordionpercussion
    15 -
    For No One Revolver, 1966piano
    16 -
    Fixing a Hole Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, 1967piano keyboards
    17 -
    English Tea Chaos & Creation In The Back Yard, 2005pianoguitarbasskeyboardsdrums
    18 -
    I'll Follow the Sun Beatles 65, 1965acousticguitarbasskeysdrums
    19 -
    Follow Me Chaos & Creation In The Back Yard, 2005acoustic
    Bouree (Bach) Paul & George used to do together acoustic
    20 -
    Blackbird The White Album, 1968acoustic
    21 -
    Eleanor Rigby Revolver, 1966acousticharmonies keyboardsharmonies
    22 -
    Too Many People Ram, 1971Hofnerguitarguitarguitardrums
    23 -
    She Came In Through The Bathroom Window Abbey Road, 1969Hofnerguitarbasskeyboardsdrums
    24 -
    Good Day Sunshine Revolver, 1966Hofnerguitarbasskeyboardsdrums
    25 -
    Band on the Run Band On The Run, 1974Hofnerguitarelectric/acoustickeyboardsdrums
    26 -
    Penny Lane Magical Mystery Tour, 1967Hofnerguitarbasskeyboardsdrums
    27 -
    I've Got A Feeling Let It Be, 1969Les Paulguitarbasskeyboardsdrums
    28 -
    Back in the USSR The White Album, 1968Les Paulguitarbasskeyboardsdrums
    Baby Face (goofing around not always played) piano
    29 -
    Hey Jude A-side single, 1968pianoguitarbasskeyboardsdrums
    30 -
    Live and Let Die A-side single, 1973pianoguitarbasskeyboardsdrums
    -- 1st Encore --
    31 -
    Yesterday Yesterday And Today, 1965acoustic keyboards
    32 -
    Get Back Let It Be, 1969Hofnerguitarguitarkeyboardsdrums
    33 -
    Helter Skelter The White Album, 1968Hofnerguitarguitarkeyboardsdrums
    -- 2nd Encore --
    34 -
    Please Please Me Introducing The Beatles, 1964Hofnerguitargutiarkeyboardsdrums
    35 -
    Let it Be Let It Be, 1969pianoguitarbasskeyboardsdrums
    36 -
    Sgt. Pepper's (reprise)Sgt. Peppers, 1967Les Paulguitarbasskeyboardsdrums
    37 -
    Carry That Weight (last half)/The End Abbey Road, 1969Les Paulguitarbass/guitarkeyboardsdrums

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