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C-64 Give My Regard To Broadstreet game

Give My Reguards To Broadstreet
The Commodore 64 Game
This is where you can download C-64 file of the game. It was sent to me by "Roger the Norwegian". You will need an emulator to run it both are listed below, goodluck. If you have a McIntosh you will need to search out and emulator for that system.

What is C-64 ?

What is C-64 - Wikipedia?


Here are some simple instructions to use the emulator linked to below:

  • First you must download the two files below to the same directory on your computer. If you don't know how to do this, you probably don't have the computer skills to get this game working and will need to take a course on how to use the computer/internet. Sorry I can only do so much :)

  •      Download C-64 Give My Regard To Broadstreet game
         Download C-64 PC emulator zip file

  • The ccs64109.zip emulator file is in zip format so you must unzip, again to the same directory the game file (blast098.d64) is in.
  • If running Windows 95/98 whatever, simply execute the CCS64_95.bat file.
  • you should then see the blue C-64 screen,  hit F9
  • using the the downarrow key select Load Program
  • using the the downarrow key, select BLAST098.D64, hit ENTER
  • using the the downarrow key, select "2", hit ENTER
  • using the the downarrow key, select Reset and Load, hit ENTER
  • blue screen will come back, type RUN, hit ENTER
  • you'll see some garbage come on the screen then the game
The "a" key starts the car in motion, hitting the key more speeds the car up. The "n" and "m" keys rotate the direction of the car and I believe the "space" key starts. The keypad may be easier the '8" key starts and accelerates, "4" is rotate left, "6" rotate right, and the "2" key is stop.

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