You Gave Me The Answer --- You Gave Me The Answer- Paul McCartney @MACCA-Central
  You Gave Me The Answer
(Paul McCartney)
1976 MPL Communications

    D:     xx0232
    Em7:   220000
    D/F#:  200230
    Gmaj7: 504430
    Am:    x02210
    Fdim:  3x0130
    A11:   x00000
    Dmaj7: 000222
    D7:    xx0212
    G:     xx5433
    Bb:    x13331
    D/A:   x04230
    Gm:    xx5333
    G#dim: xx3434
    Am7:   xx5555
    G/B:   x20030
    Dm7:   xx0211
    C:     x32010
    Bbdim: x02323
    G7:    x03003
    F:     xx3211
    A:     x02220
    Dm:    xx0231
    B7:    x21202
    A7:    x02020
    D               Em7        D/F#        Gmaj7
    You gave me the answer to love eternally
    Am  G    D/F# Fdim Em7       A11         Dmaj7
    I  love  you  and  you, you seem to like me
    Wherever we wander, the local folk agree
    I love you and you, you seem to like me
    D7                            G
    Heading back to old familiar places
     Bb              D/A            Gm
    Places where the cobwebs blow away
               G#dim              D7    Am7  D7
    I can't forget the airs and graces
    INSTERLUDE: G  Am7  G/B  C        Dm7 C       G  Bbdim  Am7  D7
                               "Shall we dance?"
    G               G7  C  F  A  Dm  B7  Em7
     "This is fun."
    "We should do this more often."
    You'll never be crowned by the aristocracy
    To their delight, you'd merely invite them in for a cup of tea
        Am  G  D/F# Fdim Em7
    And I love you  and  you, you seem to like
    You seem to like
                     D  Em7  D
    You seem te like me oh

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