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  Oo You
(Paul McCartney)
1970 MPL Communications

    F:     133211
    F#:    244322
    G:     355433
    C:     335553
    Dm:    557765
    G7:    353433
    C#:    446664
    F F#
    G            F    F# G C Dm F#
    Look like a woman
    G                   F F# G C Dm F#
    Dressed like a lady
    G            F       F# G C Dm F#
    Talk like a baby oo hoo
    G            F      F# G C
    Love like a woman oo
    G7         C G7        C C# D
    Oo oo you oh oo oo you
    Walk like a woman oo
    Sing like a blackbird
    Cook like a woman oo oo oo
    Oo woman oo o oo oh oo oo you
    Look like a woman
    Dressed like a lady
    Talk like a baby golly golly, golly, golly, goo goo
    Love like a woman oo
    Oo oo you oh oo oo you

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