The Pound Is Sinking --- The Pound Is Sinking- Paul McCartney @MACCA-Central
  The Pound Is Sinking
(Paul McCartney)
1982 MPL Communications

    Em:    022000
    B:     x24442
    G:     320003
    G/F#:  200003
    Am:    x02210
    D7:    x00212
    C:     x32010
    F:     133211
    Bb:    x13331
    Em7:   020000
    Em                      B
      The pound is sinking
    Em                   B
     The peso's falling
     The lira's reeling
    And feeling quite appaling
    G                   G/F#
    The mark is holding
    The franc is fading
    The drachme's very weak
    But everyone's still trading
    G             C                       Bb
    The market's bottom has fallen right out
                    F            C      Am
    And only the strong are survivors
             G                        Em
    Well, I fear, my dear, that it's evidently clear
             C                            G
    That you can't see the trees for the forest
          Em                Am
    Your father was an extraordinary man
    But you don't seem to have inherited
     Am          Em         Am  Em
    Many of his mannerisms
        Am          Em
    Oh, any of his mannerisms
    The dollar's moving
    The rouble's rising
    The yen is keeping up
    Which hardly seems surprising
    The market's bottom has fallen right out
    And only the strong are survivors
     Am          Em7
    Hear me, my lover
      G                         Em
    I can't be held responsible now
         Am                    Em
    For something that didn't happen
       Am             Em
    I knew you for a minute
    G              Em      C         Em
    Oh, it didn't happen, only for a minute
          Am               Em        Am
    Your heart just wasn't in it anymore
    Em                    B
    The pound is sinking
    The peso's falling
    The lira's reeling
    And feeling quite appaling

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