Summertime --- Summertime- Paul McCartney @MACCA-Central
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    Dm6:   xx0201
    A7:    x02020
    Gm7:   353333
    Bb6:   113333
    G#dim: 456464
    A:     577655
    E7:    020100
    Am6:   x02212
    A7-5:  x01223
    G7:    320001
    F:     133211
    Dm:    xx0231
    G:     320003
    Dm+7:  557665
    F6:    x03231
    Bb9:   x10111
    A13:   x01002
    Dm7:   xx0211
           Dm6  A7
    Dm6       A7     Dm6 A7  Dm6
    And the living is easy
    A7   Dm6  Gm7    Bb6
    Fish are jumping
    Gm7      Bbmaj7 G#dim  A   E7  A Am6
    And the cotton is     high
    A7-5  Dm6     A7  Dm6       A7          Dm6 A7  Dm6 G7
    Your daddy's rich and your momma's good lookin'
        F          Dm     G    Gm7 Dm  Dm  Dm+7
    So hush little baby, don't you cry
    One of these mornings, you're gonna rise up singing
    Then you'll spread your wings and you'll take the sky
    But till that morning, there's a nothing can harm you
           F         Dm    G  Gm7 Dm  G  Bb7
    With daddy and mummy standing by
    ENDING:  F6  Bb9  Ebmaj7  A13  Dm7  Dm7  Dm6

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