Golden Earth Girl --- Golden Earth Girl- Paul McCartney @MACCA-Central
  Golden Earth Girl
(Paul McCartney)
1993 MPL Communications

    D:     xx0232
    D/F#:  200232
    G6:    020000
    F#/A#: xx4322
    Am7:   x02213
    Gm:    xx0333
    Em7:   020000
    A:     x02220
    G:     320003
    INTRO:  D  D/F#  G6  F#/A#  Am7  G6  Gm  D/F#  Em7
    D       D/F#       G6     F#/A#
    Golden earth girl, female animal
    Am7                 G6               Gm
    Sings to the wind, resting at sunset oh
    In a mossy nest
             Em7                    D
    Sensing moonlight in the air (moonlight in the air)
    Good clear-water friend of wilderness
    Sees in the pool her own reflection
    In another world
     Em7           A
    Someone over there is counting
    Fish in a sunbeam
    In eggshell seas
    Fish in a sunbeam
    Eggshell finish
    Nature's lover climbs the primrose hill
    Smiles at the sky watching the sunset
    From a mossy nest
    As she falls asleep she's counting
    Fish in a sunbeam
    In eggshell seas
    Fish in a sunbeam
    Eggshell finish

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