About You
(Paul McCartney)
2001 MPL Communications


1===2===3 . . .
You give me power, to get out of bed
When in the morning, I'm feelin dead
Livin and loving, is a lot to accept it's true

Gonna say it about you, say about

Out of the darkness, and into the light
Straight to the center, of everything right
Darlin, don't worry, the sky be bright and blue

When I say it about you, gonna say it about, oh yeah
I'll sing it about you


When did you teach me, to fly thru the air
Ah sooner or later, all will be there
I read the headlines, now I can swear it's true

And they said it about you
Gonna say it about you
Gonna say it about you
Gonna say it about you
Gonna say it about,  you

Track Notes:

Recorded 16th February 2001 onto 16-track analogue tape then loaded into Logic Audio for overdubs. Paul played a Pignose electric guitar and sang the vocal then overdubbed more vocals. Abe played Paul's Ludwig drum kit then overdubbed a tambourine. Rusty played Vox bass guitar then overdubbed Gibson 12 string electric guitar. Gabe played Wurlitzer then overdubbed Hammond organ. ---

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