(Paul McCartney)
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Gratitude (3x)

Iím so grateful for everything youíve ever giviní me
How can I explain what it means to be loved by you
By you, loved by you, loved by you

Show my gratitude, gratitude, show my gratitude
I wanna show my gratitude, gratitude yeah

Well, I was lonely, I was living with a memory
But my cold and lonely nights ended, when you sheltered me
Loved by you, I was loved by you, yeah, I was loved by you

I wanna show my (gratitude)
wanna show my (gratitude)
Yes show my gratitude (ew to you)
(gratitude), show my (gratitude) ah ya, eww

I should stop loving you
Think what you put me through
But I donít, want to lock my heart away
I will look forward to
Days when Iíll be loving you
Until then, gonna wish and hope and pray
Ya ya ya ya ya!

I wanna show my (gratitude), (gratitude)
I wanna show my (gratitude), show my (gratitude)
Yeah my gratitude
To be loved by you be loved By you,
Loved by you, to be loved by you

Gratitude 3x

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