(Paul McCartney)
2001 MPL Communications


Instrumental . . . .

I'm gonna fly to the moon, checking outta
Find me a suitable plot, build myself a place

There I will stay for a year and a day
Until the cares of my life blow away

And I will dance to a runcible tune
With a queen, of my heart, ummm


Track Notes:
Some tracks from Paul's original demo were transferred to 16-track analogue tape 
then loaded into Logic Audio for overdubs on 2nd March 2001. Paul played piano and 
sang the vocal then overdubbed electric, acoustic and bass guitar. 
Abe overdubbed Paul's Ludwig drums. 
Rusty overdubbed Backing vocals. 
Gave overdubbed Backing vocals.
David overdubbed Sampled strings.
Ralph Morrison overdubbed Violin.


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