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McCartney Proclaims, `Welcome to London`

  • Source:
  • By: Mike Kovacich

After a spectacular fireworks display, the cameras focused on the stage and Paul McCartney opens up the final closing ceremony with "The End".  Then a PA announcement, "Sir Paul McCartney", and then he starts right into "Hey Jude". With what seems extra longer hair than usual, Paul certainly look the proudest I've seen him on-stage.

Any McCartney fan watching just knew he would be going to the sing along part of Hey Jude and sure enough, he enthusiastically jumps from his piano to the center stage microphone, "Just the guys now", for two rounds and "Now the girls". Cameras panning the crowd and the Olympics atheletes from all over the world singing along.

What a perfect song for this event. Paul proclaims on the closing chord after a few yeahs and some pretty good ooohs, "Welcome to London".

Below is a video from youtube, but the Olympic Committee is removing such videos so don't know how long it will remain viewable.

Last Updated: 07/28/12 10:04

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McCartney Proclaims, `Welcome to London`

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