Using this Commenting System

Readers, we are delighted with your response to our commenting facility and will continue to improve your experience on this site with feature improvements like this. We appreciate that you take the time to do add a comment.

Reporting comments:

We provide the opportunity for anyone who sees a comment that he or she considers offensive to let us know, by clicking the 'report' button that appears beside each comment. That immediately sends the comment out of the thread and into a moderation queue, where we look at it and then decide to edit, delete or republish it.

The guidelines we use to make this assessment are the same as those in our terms. We will delete or edit comments that are reported by you which contain:

Length of comment:

If you try to enter a comment longer than 200 words, you may encounter a message telling you the comment is too long.

Character length is unfortunately a limitation of the web browser. The max character length for versions of Internet Explorer is around 3,000, while Mozilla Firefox is around 7,000, although this may fluctuate depending on several variables. Because of the way web browsers work, the only way comments can be posted in IntenseDebate is by including it in the URL of a script tag. IntenseDebate dynamically adds a script tag with all of the comment data in the URL, so all of the comment data has to fit in the script of the URL. All browsers limit the length of the script, so that can cause the issue you encountered. Switching to a different browser may help.

If you have any general feedback on the comments, please create a FANfeedback message

All the best, and thanks for commenting!